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Moreover, cultivationHome New HOF Free Coins Login requires so many spiritual stones, they would take every opportunity to get more spiritual stones. If they were unable to advance before they run out of time, they would have to disappear completely from the world. In comparisonHome New HOF Free Coins Login to that, the brotherly sect relationship really isn’t considered much!” Wins said helplessly. “Ai!” Little Spin sighed and said, “Forget it, ignore them! In any case, be more careful when youHome New HOF Free Coins Login go out in the future. I suspect that they will still look for you, after all, everyone knows that you have the best relationship with me!” In the eyes of cultivators, having abilities was the biggest deterrence.

“Eni, don’t worry SpinHome New HOF Free Coins Login bro, I will! I’m going to cultivate first!” Wins immediately replied while nodding. He then went forward to cultivate in meditation. After sending Wins away, Little Spin thought for a moment, but could not find any solution to the problem. He then did not think about it any further and continued refining his negative water lightning. Especially in this crucial period, it is important for him to increase his abilities.

Two hours later, LittleHome New HOF Free Coins Login Spin’s hands had an extra pearl of the size of a longing. It was the negative water lightning which was very destructive. Following the increase of Little Spin’s abilities, the water ball which he condenses is at least 300 feet in diameter. The size was at least 10 times larger than before. The lightning pearl condensed was also 10 times more destructive.