Monday , September 20 2021

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My eyes darted Login New HOF Free Coins Moneyacross the room to where Coins was talking to Bria. When Coins noticed my gaze, she gave me one of those secretive smiles. My heart seemed to beat in my throat. I hadn’t seen Win in so many years. I wondered if it would be like Login New HOF Free Coins Moneymeeting a stranger. Talking to someone on the phone just wasn’t the same as seeing someone. We’d been talking weekly in the year since I’d married Jackpot, but there was always a bit Login New HOF Free Coins Moneyof distance between us because so many topics were off limits. Would it be awkward? I fumbled with my purse, suddenly nervous, which was funny, considering the reason I should really be worrying was because I was meeting with the enemy.

Even thoughLogin New HOF Free Coins Money Fina was my sister, she was now regarded as part of the Camorra and thus the Outfit’s—and my—enemy. Mafia politics were unforgiving and indifferent to familial bonds. Once someone was deemed a traitor, emotional bonds didn’t matter anymore. If Jackpot knew I was here, he’d be furious. He hated the Camorra and Remo Falcone with a fiery passion. His feelings toward my sister were harder to guess.

He didn’t like Login New HOF Free Coins Moneytalking about her, and I’d opted to pretend that she’d never been part of his life. From his last remarks, it seemed he hated her, too, which was why I knew he’d be against our reunion. When the car stopped, my heart started to race.