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“Oh, Spin,” sheLogin Reviews HOF Free Coins Reward murmured. “If you just hadn’t kissed me. If you hadn’t made me want you…” His cracked lips ruffled in a bigger smile before they settled into a pained, pinched line again. On impulse, she leaned over and touchedLogin Reviews HOF Free Coins Reward her mouth to his, lightly, hoping for a response. Nothing. But then, what had she been hoping for? That he’d suddenly sit up, good as new? That her kiss would wake him from his torment? She’d alwaysLogin Reviews HOF Free Coins Rewardloved fairy tales, loved how princesses always got their princes, but this was no children’s fable where he’d magically get better because of her touch.

This was a horrorLogin Reviews HOF Free Coins Reward story, and it was her fault he was hurt in the first place. Sighing, she wiped away blood from a gash in his jaw. He’d been shaved recently, but she didn’t ponder that for too long—demon jailers often shaved their prisoners to keep their skin exposed and sensitive to torture. God, what he must have gone through. “I—” She cut herself off, unable to say it. I’m sorry. “I need help to carrying him to my room.”

Growing up, she’d beenLogin Reviews HOF Free Coins Reward forbidden to ever say those words. To ever feel sorry about any action. Sorry meant weakness. The one time she’d apologized, to a messenger bringing word from her fiance, her mother had punished Coins by gouging the male’s eyes out before throwing him to her slaves to defile.