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Surely there was something.

They continued to talk, huddled Mod Apk HOF Free Coins Onlinearound a table in the corner of the bar, putting their heads together to come up with a viable solution to their friend’s untenable situation. Later, near midnight, after hours and hours of discussion, one of them was bold enough to suggest what all of them were thinking. The poor woman was already under a death sentence. If anyone should die, it Mod Apk HOF Free Coins Onlineshould be his pathetic, long-suffering wife. If only. Later none of them would be able to remember who had voiced the proposal to kill her. For the next three Friday afternoons, theyMod Apk HOF Free Coins Online discussed the possibility, but once the debate had ended and the vote had been taken, there was no going back. The decision, when it was finally made, was unanimous.

It was as absolute as driedMod Apk HOF Free Coins Online blood on white carpet. They didn’t consider themselves monsters or admit that what they were doing was motivated by greed. No, they were simply white-collar overachievers who worked hard and played harder. They were risk-takers, feared by outsiders because of the power they wielded. They were known as real ball breakers — a term they considered flattery.

Yet, despite theirMod Apk HOF Free Coins Online arrogance and their audacity, none of them had the courage to call the plan what it really was — murder — and so they referred to it as “the event.”There were no second thoughts, no nagging doubts on the part of any of the members of the club.