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They did have balls of steel, consideringMod HOF Apk Free Coins Online that Dooley’s was located just half a block away from the Eighth District station of the New Orleans Police Department. While they planned the felony, they were surrounded by detectives and policemen. A couple of Federal Bureau agents assigned to DIP occasionally stopped by as well, as did the up-and-coming attorneys hoping to fosterMod HOF Apk Free Coins Online connections. The police and the courthouse lawyers considered Dooley’s their personal watering hole, but then, so did the overworked and underappreciated interns and residents from both Charity HospitalMod HOF Apk Free Coins Online and USU. The groups rarely mingled. The Sowing Club didn’t take sides. They sat in the corner. Everyone knew who they were, though, and until the serious drinking got under way, they were constantly interrupted by greetings from coworkers and ass-kissers.

Oh, yes, they had gall andMod HOF Apk Free Coins Online nerve, for in the midst of New Orleans’s finest, they calmly talked about the mercy killing. The discussion would never have gotten this far if they hadn’t already had the connection they needed. Monk had killed for money, and he certainly wouldn’t have any qualms about killing again. Spin was the first to see the potential and to take advantage by saving Monk from the judicial system.

Coin understood the debMod HOF Apk Free Coins Onlinet he would have to repay. He promised Spin that he would do anything, anything at all, as long as the risks were manageable and the price was right. Sentiment aside, their killer was, above all else, a businessman.

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