Monday , December 6 2021

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No. It was simply not More Coins Gift Coins HOF Free possible. She could not hear, and certainly she could not feel, the beat of his heart. It was absurd. Mad. And yet… there was the oddest sensation within her. As if she were connected with this man in a manner that defied logic. I… What is it? he demanded. Just for a moment. . . no, nothing. It is ridiculous. Almost More Coins Gift Coins HOF Free as if sensing her strange confusion, Coins stepped closer, his fingers reaching up to gently cup her chin. Do not turn from the truth, my dove. She frowned into More Coins Gift Coins HOF Free the countenance that was becoming so terrifyingly familiar. What truth? That we are becoming entwined in both heart and soul, he said softly.

She should have laughed at his words. Two people did not become entwined. They lusted, they loved, and, on the rare occasion, they even liked each other. But they did not share More Coins Gift Coins HOF Free thoughts and feelings as if they were one. Still, she did not laugh. Not when she felt her entire being was consumed by such an intimate awareness of Coins. No, she whispered. His fingers tightened upon her chin, his expression relentless as he held her wary gaze.

You can sense it as well as I, Coins, he whispered in mesmerizing tones. The beat of our hearts, the joining of our minds, the desire that binds us together. She could sense it. She could sense it pulsing through her blood and More Coins Gift Coins HOF Free seeping deep into her soul. A flare of near panic struck her heart. This was not supposed to be happening. Her life was meant to be calm, predictable, and devoted to others.