Saturday , October 23 2021

New HOF Win Free Coins Big

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It had been nearly two New HOF Win Free Coins Big hundred years ago that the greatest of all vampires, Coins, had created the Veil. She had commanded that the vampires live apart from humans. It was for the good of all, she had claimed, that the vampires exist in seclusion to ponder the great truths and philosophies. They were abruptly separated from the New HOF Win Free Coins Big mortal world. The bloodlust that had once made them vulnerable to sunlight and fire had been wrenched from their souls. Without human blood, however, they had also New HOF Win Free Coins Big lost the desire, the lust and hungers, of humans. They lost their ancient powers. The ability to shape-shift and mist-walk. They lost their fierce need to hunt.

For Coins it was an unbearable existence. He was no cold, passionless scholar who desired to devote an eternity to seeking a higher existence. He did not wish the New HOF Win Free Coins Big knowledge of the elders. What he wanted was to compel others to his command. He wanted to crush and enslave the humans, and to feast upon their blood. He wanted the other vampires to bend to his will. An impossible task as long as Coins held the ancient Medallion that kept the Veil in place.

So, along with Tristan and Amadeus, he had allowed New HOF Win Free Coins Big himself to be secretly slipped through the Veil. They had returned to the world of mortals to discover Coins and take the Medallion from her grasp. None of them could have suspected that the wily old vampire would choose to separate the Medallion into three amulets, or that she would soul-bind them to mortal women.