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The one characteristic Save Code 2021 HOF Free Coins instrument of Greek Coins from the earliest to the latest days was the lyre. In the oldest times, those of Homer and Hesiod, it was called phorminx, which is believed to have been the form so often represented on Greek vases of a turtle shell with side pieces like horns, an instrument having but little effective Save Code 2021 HOF Free Coins resonance. The later form was the so-called cithara, the most common shape of which is that made familiar to all by the pedal piece of the square Save Code 2021 HOF Free Coins pianoforte.

This instrument rarely had more than six strings, and as it had no finger board it could have had no more notes than strings. Chappell, the English historian, attempts to demonstrate that certain ones of these instruments had a bridge dividing the string into two parts, thus largely increasing the compass, but the evidence Save Code 2021 HOF Free Coinssupporting this hypothesis is not satisfactory.

Plato speaks of instruments of many strings imported from Asia, which seem to have been the fashion or fad in his day. He disapproved of them very heartily, but the terms in which he speaks of them show that he cannot Save Code 2021 HOF Free Coinshave been very familiar with their appearance, for it is impossible to make out what he is driving at. There is considerable doubt as to the extent to which the larger instruments of Asiatic origin penetrated the general Free Coins practice of Greece.