Sunday , August 1 2021

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After analyzing, this first thing that Little Jackpot thought of was the failed dimensional storage item which was decomposed. There was an 80% chance that the dimensional storage item contained Meru Stones (T/N: ??? – Xu Mi Shi. Xu Mi refers to Mt. Meru, thus translating it to the Meru Stone), and other special dimensional materialsSlot New HOF Free Coins Play which served as building blocks for his dimension. This phenomenon made Little Jackpot, who despised the small size of his dimension, very excited. Because, as long as he could find failed dimensional storage items to decompose, he could make his Natal ArtifactSlot New HOF Free Coins Play increase in size infinitely, this to him was splendid news! A bewildered Little Jackpot decided not to question further and instead continued to dig inside the black soil, pulling out 3 moreSlot New HOF Free Coins Play similar Talismans.

After these TalismansSlot New HOF Free Coins Play have been extricated, Jackpot used his Spiritual Sense once again to scrutinize the black soil but found out that the soil had stopped emitting any Spiritual Qi, returning to its original state. Upon noticing this, Little Jackpot immediately buried the tattered talismans into the soil and realized that the black soil began re-emitting Spiritual Qi again. Maintaining his trademark smile on his face, Little Jackpot went in.

Thinking about this, Little Jackpot jumped Slot New HOF Free Coins Playaround excitedly, shedding tears of joy. He was left disconsolate yesterday, and today, he felt hope. The unexpected ups and downs of this event have overwhelmed Little Jackpot. Plenty of servants who come here all recognize Little Jackpot.