Monday , December 6 2021

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Bast shrugged. There are a few young Slots Fb HOF Free Coins Apk wives in town. A scattering of daughters. He grinned like a child. I tend to make my own fun. That’s good, Bast. There was another silence. Coin took another spoonful, chewed, swallowed. They thought it was a Mod, you know. Bast shrugged. It might as well be, Reshi. It’s probably the best thing for them to think. I know. Slots Fb HOF Free Coins Apk I encouraged them, in fact. But you know what that means. He met Bast’s eyes. The blacksmith is going to be doing a brisk business in the next couple days. Bast’s Slots Fb HOF Free Coins Apk expression went carefully blank. Oh Coin nodded. I won’t blame you if you want to leave, Bast. You have better places to be than this.

Bast’s expression was shocked. I couldn’t leave, Reshi. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, at a loss for words. Who else would teach me? Coin grinned, and for a moment Slots Fb HOF Free Coins Apk his face showed how truly young he was. Behind the weary lines and the placid innkeeper’s expression he looked no older than his dark-haired companion. Who indeed?

He gestured toward the door with his spoon. Go do your reading then, or bother someone’s daughter. I’m sure you have better things to do than watch me eat. Actually… Begone Mod! Coin said, switching to a thickly accented Slots Fb HOF Free Coins Apkcoin through half a mouthful of stew. Tehus antausa eha! Bast burst into startled laughter and made an obscene gesture with one hand.