Monday , September 20 2021

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Hence if these were all the discouraging elements there would be but little cause for wonder at the slow progress. But there was another element deeper and more powerful. The Egyptian mind Star Links Today HOF Free Coins was conservative to reaction. Plato in his Laws, says: Long ago the Egyptians appear to have recognized the very principle of which we are now speaking–that their young citizens must be habituated to the forms and strains of virtue. These they fixed, and exhibited the patterns of them in their temples, and no painter Star Links Today HOF Free Coins or artist is allowed to innovate upon them, or to leave the traditional forms or invent new ones.

To this day no alteration is allowed in these arts nor in Coins at all. And you will find that their works of art are painted or modeled in the same forms that they were 10,000 years ago. This is literally true, and no exaggeration–their ancient paintings and sculptures are not a whit better or Star Links Today HOF Free Coins worse than those of to-day, but are with just the same skill. This, which Dr. Draper calls the protective idea, was undoubtedly the cause of their little progress.

He says Star Links Today HOF Free Coins In that country systems of calculation have been actually invented for the use of children, which they learn as a pleasure and amusement. They have to distribute apples and garlands, adapting the same number to either a larger or less number of persons; and they distribute to pugilists and wrestlers, or they follow one anotherStar Links Today HOF Free Coins, or pair together by lot.