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Several complete instruments have Updated HOF Links Today Free Coin been found, which, although dating most likely from a period near the Christian era, are nevertheless sufficiently like the representations of ten centuries earlier to make them instructive as well as interesting. Figs. 4 and 5 are from Fétis. One of these lyres had originally six strings, as is shown by the notches Updated HOF Links Today Free Coin in the cross-piece at the top. They were tuned approximately by making the cord tense and then sliding the loop over its notch. From the clever construction of the resonance cases these Updated HOF Links Today Free Coin instruments should have had a very good quality of tone. In some of the later representations there are lyres of twenty strings.

It will be observed that up to this point all the Coinsians represented are men. In later representations women are more common. Fig. 6 represents the entire Free Coins culture of the later empire, this particular representation belonging apparently to an epoch not more than a few centuries before the Christian era. The harp in this case is of a different construction, and Updated HOF Links Today Free Coin lighter than those in the former examples.

It would seem to have been played while the player walked, for we find it in what seems to be moving processions. The lyre occupies here the post of honor next the harp. The banjo and double flute come next, and then a curious instrument of three or four strings, played while carried upon the shoulder. Several of these instruments have been found in a very respectable state of preservation. Their construction is better shown Updated HOF Links Today Free Coinin the illustrations following: