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The players, by Updated Links Today HOF Free Coins their white robes and positions, evidently belonged to the highest order of the priesthood. The harp upon the right is represented by some writers as having had twenty-one strings; whereas the one upon the left has only eleven. This would be an interesting fact if it were well founded. But, unfortunately, the truth Updated Links Today HOF Free Coins is that the painting was somewhat defaced after Bruce saw it, and it was only within later years that a clever explorer discovered that by passing a wet sponge Updated Links Today HOF Free Coins over it the original lines could be made out. According to Lepsius it has thirteen strings.

In the XXth dynasty, about 1300 B.C., there were harps having twenty-one strings, of which a good example is shown in Fig. 3. This instrument, also, is elaborately colored and Updated Links Today HOF Free Coins ornamented in gold and carving. The strings are shorter than those of Bruce’s harpers, and the pitch was most likely within the treble register. The second figure clapping hands is marking time.

The one upon the right is playing upon a sort of banjo, of which mention will be made presently. Some time before the period of the Hyksos, the Shepherd Kings of the Exodus, there is a scene of a procession of foreigners presenting tribute Updated Links Today HOF Free Coinsto one of the sovereigns of Egypt. Among the figures is one playing upon a sort of lyre. Later this instrument became the established instrument of the higher classes, as it was afterward in Greece and Rome.