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She was assigned a brand-newVIP Blog HOF Free Coins Online teacher, Miss Spinner. She was just a little girl, after all, and it was too soon for her to leave her family. Wins had to remind himself that the woman was new to Bowen and didn’t know any better. Surely she hadn’t meant any harm. Why, she was just trying to be helpful. But because she was new to the parish, she didn’t have any notion howVIP Blog HOF Free Coins Online important a man’s pride was in these parts. Take pride away from a man and you might as well run a knife through his heart. Wins gritted his teeth as he politely explained he wasn’t about to becomeVIP Blog HOF Free Coins Online a charity case, and he wasn’t going to let anyone else pay for his daughter’s education.

He was considered byVIP Blog HOF Free Coins Online some to be well-off because of his gambling windfall, but she didn’t know anything about that, of course. Folks didn’t talk about their illegal betting games with outsiders. Nevertheless, he still didn’t much care for her making snap judgments about a family based on how they dressed or where they lived.

If Wins decided to sendVIP Blog HOF Free Coins Online his girl to that fancy school, he’d use his retirement nest egg to pay the tuition, and when that money was all used up, then his sons could take on extra jobs to help with expenses. But, before any decisions were going to be made, he thought he ought to discuss the matter with his wife.